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All users of Chat Service (Hereinafter as "The Service") are required to fully understand, accept and agree to the Policy of this service (Hereinafter as "The Policy"), which is part of the Terms of Use Agreement of this site. Violation of this Policy or prohibited acts carried out by any member may, at any time, lead to suspension or termination of use of The Service, and may lead to the removal of their profiles from the site. We also reserve the right to take any actions which we consider reasonable or necessary, without prior notice, against violators of The Policy. By using Chat Service, you agree that:

Basic Rules:

  • You fully understand how the Service works. When you have concerns about the service provided, please contact our customer support team. We will try to help you achieve the best available solution.

  • You are responsible for all the information you exchange with the members through Chat, and such information should be clear, accurate and honest.

  • Even if you both speak the same language, and you do not need help to communicate with the members, the conversation is still charged at the standard Chat service rate.

Rules of usage

  • When you or member sends text messages or stickers as an invitation, and the recipient replies, chat is established and billing will begin;

  • When a chat is established and the member starts their video, Video Chat fees will be charged from the gentleman;

  • You cannot send Voice Messages, Animated Emoticons, Photos, or apply Romantic Scene before establishing a chat with the member;

  • Credits will be deducted once Voice Messages, Animated Emoticons or Photos are sent out, or Romantic Scene applied; received photos or videos will only be charged after being viewed, and photos can be saved to your computer, videos will remain free to view for 3 days;

  • Copyrights of Animated Emoticons and Romantic Scenes belongs to All rights are reserved. Downloading, sharing or any alternation without permission or authorization is not allowed. For more information, please refer to our Intellectual Property Policy.

Prohibited acts when using the service:

  • Impersonating/disguising/misrepresenting the identity of yourself or someone else (whether entirely or partially during the communication);

  • Publishing or sending text, voice message, video or photos of obscene, offensive, abusive, threatening, harassing or threatening nature;

  • Revealing personal information of yourself or of others including, but not limited to, personal passwords, residential addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, social security or credit/debit card details;

  • Requesting property for yourself or for others for any reason;

  • Infringing the rights of others, including copyright or other intellectual property rights;

  • Using The Service for business or solicitation purposes;

  • Sending unsolicited commercial messages or content;

  • Any acts which violate the laws or regulations of the country or region of either member.

  • If the above agreement is violated, we will remove the information related to the violation. In severe cases, the related function will be banned from being used, and your account may be closed.

Risks and disclaimer:

Members' personal behavior and integrity is beyond our control . If you find that a member is not fully attentive or focused when communicating, it is up to your discretion whether or not to continue, considering possible risks.

The site requires members to provide true and valid information during communication on Chat. However, in reality, we cannot verify and guarantee that the information provided is 100% accurate. Therefore we suggest that you evaluate the content independently and use common sense when using The Service.

We are not responsible for messages being delayed or not sent owing to unstable Internet connections. Any credits charged as a result are not subject to refunds or compensation.

Refund and compensation:

In addition to the Guiding Principles on credit and payment refund as stated in the Master Terms of Use of Qpid Network, the following refund criteria are specific to The Service. Credits may be refunded if:
The Chat session is proven to be part of a fraudulent act after our investigation. For other questions, please refer to our FAQ section for help.

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