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All users of the Gifts and Flowers Service (Hereinafter as "The Service") are required to fully understand, accept and agree to the Policy of this service (Hereinafter as "The Policy"), which is part of the Terms of Use of this site. Violation of The Policy or prohibited acts carried out by any member may, at any time, lead to suspension or termination of use of The Service, and may lead to the removal of their profiles from the site. We also reserve the right to take any actions which we consider reasonable or necessary, without prior notice, against violators of The Policy Procedural Rules. By using the Gifts and Flowers Service, you agree that:

Basic Rules:

  • You fully understand how the Service works. When you have concerns about the service provided, please contact our customer support team. We will try to help you achieve the best available solution.

  • In some cases, we may contact the recipient to ensure their availability at the delivery location for accepting the delivery.

  • You need to place separate orders if you want to send flowers and/or gifts to different members.

  • In some cases, flowers and gifts are delivered by different companies. So, if your order contains both gifts and flowers, they may not arrive at the same time.

  • Price and Delivery Fee: The price shown below the image of each flower item includes delivery fee; however an additional delivery fee (as prescribed on the Site) will be charged for delivery of other gifts to be delivered in the same order. Also, the delivery price may change if you choose a delivery date near a major holiday.

  • Delivery Time

  • Flower Items

    Flower delivery is usually completed within 24 hours of your placing the order, but occasionally may take a longer time depending on local conditions and the availability of the member to accept the delivery.

    Gift Items

    Gift Items usually takes 2-5 days to be delivered. Please note that delivery to certain areas may require one week or more.

  • Special Occasions

  • There are major holidays in different countries when there may be late- or non-delivery. To reduce such risk, please place your order at least 7 days prior to the intended date of delivery:
    Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year

Prohibited Acts Using The Service:

  • Impersonating someone else, or disguising/misrepresenting the identity of yourself or someone else (whether entirely or partially during the communication);

  • Publishing or sending any text which is obscene, offensive, abusive, threatening, harassing or threatening in nature;

  • Revealing personal information of yourself or of others including, but not limited to, personal passwords, residential addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, social security or credit/debit card details;

  • Requesting property for yourself or for others for any reason;

  • Using The Service for business or solicitation purposes;

  • Sending unsolicited commercial messages or content; or

  • Any acts which violate the laws or regulations of the country or region of either member.

  • Transfer of notable gifts through our platform to other members;

  • Transfer of money through our platform to other members; or

  • Transfer of gift(s) which is itself or is part of a recurring act.

Risks and Disclaimer:

  • Occasionally, the member may be out of contact when the gifts and flowers are being delivered. A late delivery may occur in such case, until the member can be contacted.

  • Specific Date Delivery

  • Flower Items
    If you wish to have flowers delivered to the member on a particular day, we suggest that you place your order 3 days in advance so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

    Shipped Gifts
    We cannot guarantee the delivery of shipped gifts by or on a specific day. However, if you place your order 7 days or more in advance, arrangements can be made so that the gifts are more likely to arrive close to or on that specific day.

  • Substitution of Items

  • Flower Items
    For flower arrangements, the items listed on our site are for reference only. If the flowers requested are not available, we reserve the right to deliver the closest available substitute (may be different color or variety), for the same price.

    Shipped Gifts
    The items listed on our site are intended to show the types of gifts we offer. Due to stock availability and changes in market popularity, some of the items seen may be substituted by others of similar design, value and size after an order is placed. This is to enable timely delivery of your order. If you do not approve of the substituted item, the equivalent value in Qpid Credits, or money, can be refunded as appropriate.

  • You are advised to always confirm that the member is available to receive your items. We are not responsible for any losses occured after items are received by the member or any losses due to items being accepted by someone else on behalf of the member with their consent.

  • For your protection and ours, we will secure a signature from the recipient or receipt as proof of delivery. Proof of delivery will only be retained for three months from the date of signature and delivery of the items.

  • Neither we, nor any affiliated florists or courier service that we engage, will be liable for any failure to perform, where such failure or delay results from any circumstances outside our reasonable control.

Cancel, Exchange or Repair

  • We cannot cancel orders which have already been dispatched for delivery or have already been delivered. To cancel or amend orders that have not yet been dispatched, please contact Customer Care.

  • Please contact us (please have reference photos) within 48 hours of receipt, to inquire about a refund, exchange, replacement or repair of goods that you believe do not comply with quality standards.

Refund and Compensation

In addition to the Guiding Principles on credit and payment refund as stated in the Master Terms of Use of Qpid Network, the following refund criteria are specific to The Service:

  • You may receive refund of money paid for your order of flower or gift delivery if:

  • 1) You cancel the delivery order before the flower or gift has been dispatched.

    2) The flower or gift you ordered can not be delivered at the current time or is out of stock.

  • When appropriate, we will deduct third-party charges such as credit card charges from the amount of refunded to you.

  • The amount of money to be refunded will not exceed the initial amount paid for any particular service or product.

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