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All users of the Admirer Mail Service (Hereinafter as "The Service") are required to fully understand, accept and agree to the Policy of this service (Hereinafter as "The Policy"), which is part of the Terms of Use Agreement of this site. Violation of The Policy or prohibited acts carried out by any member may, at any time, lead to suspension or termination of use of The Service, and may lead to the removal of their profiles from the site. We also reserve the right to take any actions which we consider reasonable or necessary, without prior notice, against violators of The Policy. By using The Service, you agree that:

Basic Rules:

  • You clearly understand how The Service works and accept that Admirer Mail is sent according to the member's instruction.

  • Admirer Mail is used for the member to show interest to you. It is a free service provided by the service providers. As such, no refund request for The Service will be accepted.

  • Usually, members will set match criteria (such as age, education level, country, relationship status etc.) to find whom they interest in and send Admirer Mail accordingly.

  • To show interest, the member may either send you a personal Admirer Mail, or prepare a template mail in advance, depending on their situation. So, sometimes you will find that Admirer Mails are written specially for you, while other times they may not be so personalized.

Risks and Disclaimer:

  • The members are required to be honest in sending out Admirer Mails. However, if they change their mind and decides that you are not compatible after receiving your reply through EMF mail or knowing more about you, you agree and accept that you will not request any refund for Qpid Credits or any cost spent sending the EMF mail(s).

  • The member may write different things in the Admirer Mail to attract your attention. Our site requires the member to provide true and valid information in their Admirer Mail. However, in reality, we cannot verify and guarantee that the information provided is always 100% accurate. Therefore we suggest that you evaluate the content independently and use common sense when using The Service.

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