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Our site provides other services for members to enjoy and explore communication with their interested contacts. For example, Video Show and Virtual Gifts. When written profiles are not enough, you can try Video Show! These stunning video introductions can bring a member’s personality to life! When you find an interested contact, Virtual Gifts can help you send a nice and sweet greeting.

How these additional services work

Video Show

Browse videos in the Video Channels section and click on a snapshot to view the full-length video. If you do not wish to watch a video now, save it to your "My Favorite Videos" folder and come back to it later. Once a video is viewed, it is stored in your "Unlocked Videos" folder for 7 days and can be viewed for free during this time.

Virtual Gifts
  • Via the Virtual Gifts Store
    - Go to the Virtual Gifts Store
    - Find a gift you wish to send and click on it
    - Enter the ID of the member you wish to send it to, or select one from your Contact List, Favorite List or Match List
    - Write your greeting and click on "Send"
  • Via the member’s profile - Click on "Send Virtual Gifts" on the member’s profile
    - Find a gift you wish to send and click on it
    - Write your greeting and click on "Send"
  • As an attachment by EMF Mail - You can attach a Virtual Gift to your EMF Mail.

How much do they cost?

Video Show

Each video costs 2 credits to view. Alternatively, you can click on the "Send Access Key Request" button under the video player to request a free access key. Once the member accepts your request, she will send you the access key which you can unlock the full video with. All unlocked videos will be stored in the "Unlocked Videos" section and can be watched for free for up to 7 days thereafter.

Browse Video Show profiles now!

Virtual Gifts

Prices may vary for different items. For more details, please visit the Virtual Gifts Store.

Note: Virtual Gifts sent as attachments by EMF Mail will be charged 0.5 credits less than sent from the Gift Store. It is free to receive Virtual Gifts.

What’s more, under certain circumstance, our Premium Members can request direct communication or personal meetings with their contacts.

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