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It's a fact that when we’re in love, we can suffer from love-blindness – to lose vigilance and rationale. Therefore, it is extremely important that members are aware of some basic safety tips, whether online or offline, before starting a serious and meaningful relationship on our site, and make rational judgments according to your own situation and experience.

1. Be Cautious with your Personal Information

Your personal safety is always of paramount importance. We strongly encourage you to be cautious before sharing any personally identifiable information.

  • Never include your personal contact information in the public profile, such as telephone numbers, email, home address. Don't risk having your information fallen into the wrong hands.
  • Be truthful and use a current picture in your profile. Misleading descriptions or photos in profile can result in angry feelings and can end a relationship before it begins. In the long run, honesty is your best relationship tool.
  • Keep your login name and passwords confidential. Make sure that they are not easy to guess.

2. Communicate with common sense

It is very easy to find someone in the online dating world. Things can be developed and changed very quickly. So, when you communicate with others online, always use your own judgment.

  • Do not jump into the conclusion too early. You should take time to get to know the person, such as background, hobbies and outlook toward life. Also, it’s important to exchange more photos to have better understanding of each other. You can choose a comfortable pace for your relationship.
  • Pay attention to the major differences, which can be subtle. But it is definitely helpful if you want to avoid unwanted troubles. After you communicate for some time, think what both of you are expecting. If you don't think both match, you shall relate your decision as soon as you can.
  • Watch out for someone who asks for money or any type of financial assistance, who wants to speed up the pace beyond your comfort level, who asks inappropriate questions, urges you to compromise your principles or who tells stories with inconsistencies. NEVER send money to anyone who you encountered online but have not yet met in person.

3. Be prepared when planning for a meeting

  • Before you consider meeting in person, communicate extensively using chat, telephone, other than only using email. Even if there is limitation in language, you can ask any third party for assistance if necessary.
  • To plan for a meeting, please confirm your travel schedule and accommodation with your possible match. Tell at least one friend or family member about your plans, and arrange to check in with them after each of the first few dates. Have reasonable caution and wariness. Always stay alert in case something goes wrong.
  • Prepare your travel itinerary and budget, confirm with the other party when and where to meet, discuss what your views are on who pays for each thing, such as dinner, trasnportation and even accommodation.
  • If you need any extra services from any possible third parties, don’t forget to ask for the invoices or receipts to protect your interests. Do not give large sum of money or precious gifts during your meeting or incur large expenses without first discussing how the cost will be divided.
  • Get to know each other more and observe gestures and facial expressions. No one can completely understand someone's background or personality through Internet.

4. Report concerns to LatamDate

LatamDate STRONGLY encourage you to block any member who behaves in an abusive manner. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you met following abuse so that appropriate steps can be taken to keep LatamDate the safest and best site to start a relationship on the Internet:

  • Minors using the service;
  • Members sending harassing or offensive emails, words or photos;
  • Members behaving inappropriately or asking you for money or donations;
  • Any other violation of's policies.

5. Don’t worry too much

Just tips. Don't be afraid to make connections. You are here to have a great contact that might lead to meaning relationship. It is not our purpose to let you spend time worrying about what you are going to encountered. There are many honest, warm, and wonderful members on our site, who have the same worry about their future relationship. Just follow your heart, you should be able to have a rewarding dating experience here.


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