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Apr 06, 2022 Back to In the Media

The preparations for the Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Colombia are beginning. It is a week leading up to Easter Sunday, which is a widely celebrated holiday in this country.

Catholicism is the most common religion in Colombia with around 70% of citizens claiming to be Catholics. Hence, Easter is celebrated glamorously.
During the Holy Week, believers are taking part in ceremonial processions; parades where they carry symbolic large wooden statues of religious figures. They visit religious and cultural sites to reflect on Jesus Christ, believed to be God incarnate, “true God and true man”. The processions take place during the whole week that leads up to Easter. In 2022, Semana Santa will begin on Sunday, April 10, and end on Saturday, April 16. Easter will be celebrated on Monday, April 17.

LatamDate, the international dating website, is inviting its users all over the world to celebrate this holiday with beautiful Colombian ladies. With the help of the platform, creative gifts, and powerful tools, gentlemen can make the Semana Santa even more memorable to ladies in Colombia. Before approaching women, users of the dating app should read about the traditions and curiosities related to the Holy week. Important findings can increase the chances of succeeding in Colombian dating and improve their communication skills.

Easter in Colombia

One of the biggest associations with Easter in Colombia is the great parade that celebrates the passion and death of Jesus Christ. This old tradition has been practiced in Colombia since the Colonial period. While the processions were not allowed in 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions, they will probably continue this year. Unless the limitations are lifted again, the parade will be allowed but the capacity should be limited.

For Colombians, the processions are extremely meaningful. During the Holy Week, people from different parts of the world visit this country to enjoy the grand Easter celebrations. Cities like Medellin, Cali, and Bogota are calmer than usual since many restaurants and shops are closed for the Semana Santa. People from these cities frequently use this time for vacations and calm Easter celebrations in the family circle. The situation is the opposite in areas like the Popayan, Sabanalarga, and Mompox that are typically sleepy during the year but awake for the Holy Week because believers perform the processions in these colonial towns.

During Easter, people usually stay off work the most they can. They spend the time to reflect on their lives; positive and negative sides and repent themselves. Families abstain from eating meat, the same as most Catholics all over the world. They are only allowed to eat fish, prepared in many traditional ways. Unity, calmness, and religious talks are Easter’s essentials in Colombia; apart from mesmerizing processions, of course.

Holy Week Beliefs in Colombia

Some of the Holy Week beliefs that religious Colombians strictly follow:

- It is forbidden to bathe on Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

- It is not allowed to bathe in rivers during the Semana Santa.

– Believers should not practice any type of entertainment, dancing, smoking and they cannot consume alcoholic beverages.

– Believers can only listen to religious music.

– It is not allowed to play any games of chance/gamble.

– People should not wear red. According to popular belief, the red color attracts evil.

Is Easter a Good Time to Meet Colombian Ladies?

Easter is an ideal time to meet Colombian women. People in this country are mostly resting on the Semana Santa. They are relaxed, off work and they enjoy these spiritual days. Hence, believers look into the deep meaning of everything that occurs to them during the Holy Week. If they meet someone new, they will surely associate it with religion and give it a great meaning. That being said, Colombians will pay more attention to people who talk to them during the Holy Week.

Considering that LatamDate is a website that connect people from different parts of the world with Colombians, it is a highly-recommended platform to use for this occasion. The representatives of this dating app encourage members to approach ladies in a gentleman-like manner anytime but especially during the Holy Week. Men need to be respectful and use this opportunity to start valuable, meaningful conversations.

LatamDate celebrates every holiday with its users. The platform offers advanced options that facilitate online communication. Users are welcome to log in and make the upcoming Easter one to remember.

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