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Feb 17, 2022 Back to In the Media

Feb 14, 2022 (AB Digital via COMTEX) -- An international celebration of love is about to begin. It is the time of the year when everyone gets creative. For lovers, one of the top priorities is to find the best way to spend Valentine’s Day. While the options for local duos are endless, people in long-distance relationships tend to struggle. They miss interesting ideas that could make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

LatamDate, a reputable international dating website, is sharing useful tips for members in love who live in different countries.

Movie Night

An emotional romantic movie is an essential part of Valentine’s Day. This idea applies to long-distance and local relationships. Watching a love film brings people close and they truly feel the magic of the holiday.

LatamDate encourages users to choose the best movies that will enhance their romantic feelings. Some of the classic movies specifically revolve around long-distance relationships, which makes them even more suitable to watch on Valentine’s Day 2022. Considering that the list of quality films ca be long, couples can even try a movie marathon and watch as many as they can one after another!

Playing Games

Games are always entertaining and they can never be a bad choice. Partners need to decide what kind of games they would like to play. They can try simple games like The Picture Game, Never Have I Ever and Truth or Dare or download multiplayer cards and shooting games and have a good competitive time. After making the decision, they can try several games until finding the one that will keep them engaged.

Dinner On Camera

Romantic dinner never goes out of fashion. Since couples in online relationships cannot have a date out in a sophisticated restaurant, they can make their own dinner and share it on LatamDate’s CamShare. Ideally, partners will cook the meal at the same time (possibly even the same recipe), create a nice atmosphere that resembles a “real” date, and enjoy the dinner together!

This idea is a sneak peek of what a dinner out will look like when partners meet in person. In the case of Colombian ladies, they typically like to introduce traditional dishes to foreign partners. Thus, users that meet women from Colombia on this site can expect that their other halves will try to convince them to prepare Colombian food for Valentine’s Day! Accepting that suggestion is great. Latin dishes are delicious so apart from having a good time, Western men will also have an opportunity to try outstanding food.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours gained popularity over the last few years because of the travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, people are using them on different occasions and one of them could be Valentine’s Day!

Couples can enjoy mesmerizing landscapes and natural wonders without going out of their comfortable homes. By accessing the same virtual tour, partners will feel as if they were truly traveling together. If there are some destinations on their bucket lists, this is a chance to visit them! It can be a preparation for a real holiday in the future. Colombian women are passionate ladies that love exploring the world. Sharing this experience with their men is a one-of-a-kind event that they surely won’t forget. In fact, it will only make ladies look forward to the face-to-face meeting even more.

Going Out Together

People in long distance relationships can spend the day out together even if they are not physically together. Before Valentine’s Day, couples can create a plan for where to go and what to do on this romantic event. For example, partners can go hiking in the morning, visit interesting places at the noon, have lunch at the same time, watch the sunset, and then stars together. The APP makes it possible to never miss anything anywhere.

With common activities on Valentine’s Day, couples will feel connected and accompanied. They will share exciting experiences and get the best out of this event.

About is an international dating website, primarily connecting Latin singles with people worldwide. The platform utilizes advanced tools to make the user experience enjoyable and easy. Apart from the standard Live Chat, members of can use Love Call, Camshare, Video Show, and EMF Mail features.


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