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  • Is now the right moment to send a gift? What should I send?
  • If I lavish money on expensive gifts, is it OK?
  • Are there any special gifts??

When the right moment comes, gifts can be served as catalysts in the formula of your relationship. You may ask when is the right moment to send gift? How much the gift should be? And, are there any special gifts I can choose from? Here below we have some tips for your consideration. 

 Is now the right moment to send a gift? What should I send?
 More commonly, members may send the very first gift on special occasions such as New Year, Christmas, birthdays or any significant date in their relationships. All these occasions can be the right moment for you to send the gifts.
Meanwhile, surprise - maybe this is the general principle you need to apply when sending gifts. Most people will be turned off by things which are scheduled and a routine, and you won't add spice to a relationship if you only send gifts on birthdays or at Christmas. Of course, gifts are necessary on normal occasions because all would show reciprocal affection to each other on these days. People don't like make sending and receiving gifts merely a simple business.
>I feel this is the right time
It's true that expensive and valuable items can be more effective in conveying your sincere message. But what's more important are your thoughts and creativeness rather than the gift itself. As the old saying goes, "ravel a thousand miles to bestow a goose feather - a small gift may be a token of profound friendship". People will be more touched if you do small things which are truly unforgettable. Perhaps they will remember it vividly for the rest of the life if you become the first one to send birthday greetings since you've taken the time difference into consideration.
> If I lavish money on expensive gifts, is it OK?
Many members like to send expensive gifts as a token of appreciation. However, people usually reject such pricey gifts or choose to receive cheaper ones instead, as they do not accept valuables from men because they don't want others to think that material is the reason they started a relationship. What they want more is to have a blissfully happy life together, even when facing economic hardship.
Members should be reminded that gifts are just a tool to express sincerity. In the end, any relationship must be founded on the same things all successful relationships are founded on, such as trust, mutual respect and understanding.
> Are there any special gifts?
Most of them are constantly updated to help members on how and when to send the most suitable gifts. 
 >  When and what to send
It is all about whom you are going to send the gifts to when it comes to gift etiquettes. For receivers who are less well-off, something practical should be considered. For those who are rich, something more valuable and delicate would be an option. For lovers, gifts are usually more thoughtful and memorable. For friends, it can be something fun and nice. For old people, something practical like a walking-stick would be highly welcome. For children, something inspirational are among the choices of gifts.

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