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  • What should I know more about each other?
  • They didn't respond to my questions. It's cold even when there's a reply?
  • I just want to see more of their pictures but they are reluctant to send them to me?

The Site offers advice to keep members on track of the awareness and problems encountered when communicate. Here you can find out what you need to know in communication, his or her personality, interests and perspectives? Is there a future you can discuss about and when will be the time for discussion.

> What should I know more?
There are times when members want to know each other better but do not know what should ask. How to make sure you pick the right choice of topics? Here are some areas you should know when communicating:
i. Know one's personality, interests and perspectives
You can judge a person from the outside by taking a look over the pictures. But on the inside, you can tell by the way they write and how they handle matters on certain things happening in their life. It can be the sports they do, a song they like or anything they give their attention to.
You may break the ice by mentioning something about yourself, and ask for opinions or suggestions. What's more important is you should find what member treasures most, as different people may have different comments.
ii. Know more about each other
Members can be affected by their working environment and personal life experiences. These can somewhat shape their beliefs and behaviors. Try to write and talk through how things are going, such as things need to go through in the jobs - busy schedule preoccupied with business trips, shift work, etc. It can be too busy for the other member to reply you soon.
There may be some things you can change to ease the situation, but others are not. Try to understand others’ point of view. All you should do is explain that you concern as you care. Surely you will understand how they feel.
iii. How member thinks about the future
It involves important decision to make, like whether the member is willing to come and live with you. Member may need to choose their career path, may it be the future job. Perhaps it is too early to say so, but in fact, concerns like these are something you're going to face sooner or later. A better communication can work well for both to reach a common ground. You don't have to agree on everything but it is important to talk through must-be-solved questions and both feel confident about live and work together. 


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