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  • What are the basic principles for writing a good profile?
  • How to write an effective personal description?
  • A good profile photo will make a big difference!

Nice profile is the first step towards communication or friendship, however, not everyone is good at it. For example, are there basic principles? And how to write an effective personal description? Is it necessary to add a photo? Here we have some tips for you to write a good profile in a unique way.

> What are the basic principles for writing a good profile?

1. Be honest and stay true to yourself.
Online communication is wonderful for many people. A lot of online members are not comfortable writing about themselves because they are not accepting their truth and have no confidence about who they really are. So, they will be less candid about the true nature of their employment and physical stature. No matter what you want to cover up, please remember that others care most about your sincerity when it comes to communication.

2. Let your personality come through.
A good profile is difficult to write. But everyone is different. Your hobbies, interests and experiences are something that marks you apart. When others read your profiles they look for humor, honesty, self-assurance (not arrogance) and a variety of interests. Of course, they must take a look at your habit too. No one is perfect. It is totally acceptable to be honest - one of the qualities a member will treasure most in.

> How to write an effective personal description?

1. State the description only could apply to you, not anyone else.
Sites are full of "genuine, easy-going, sensitive" people. It is perfectly fine to write them in your personal description. However, if you want to get more clicks on your profile, it is important to reveal more. Why do you think you are "genuine, easy-going, and sensitive"? Do you have a good anecdote about yourself? You love watching movies. So what's your opinion on some unforgettable one you watch? Tell others the reasons why you think they are.

2. Add personality to your description.
The only method to separate you from the mass of read-alike profiles is the approach you are going to write about. When asked what attracts the others to a profile, most of them say honesty, humor, warmth, modesty, originality and good writing style. A lot of members write about their world views or some unforgettable experiences you think are important. Remember, you don't have to portray yourself in the most attractive manner. So, write something which you think would be interesting and unique about you. You will catch more attention.

3. Be concise.
Good, clear and plain language is already enough. You don't have to labor your language skills as it would pose a difficulty for understanding. More importantly, complicated sentences can make the whole thing worse and can be misinterpreted. So, please bear in mind that less is more.

4. Emphasize good social skills.
People may want to communicate with someone who is relaxed, good to be socialized with. You can skip your descriptions which are seemingly unrelated to neither your communication nor your personality.

> A good profile photo will make a big difference!
Along with the text and other information of your profile, profile photo is going to be the key for your success. Post a photo of yourself and let it describe who you are. Good, clear picture with a nice, relaxed smile. Make sure your face is visible; never cover up with sunglasses and avoid shades.

> Get your Qpid SEAL
Our site's Qpid SEAL is a FREE profile verification service available to members. Getting the Qpid SEAL will increase the credibility of your profile significantly so you earn more trust from others.

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